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Alfa Cupolino

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The wood fired oven you will be happy to customize.

Available in 3 different sizes: 60, 70 and 80. Cupolino is the wood fired oven you can build and customize. Size 60 is composed of 2 pieces, sizes 70 and 80 are composed of 3 pieces. Cupolino is easy to assemble and very light, with a total weight of only 130 kg! Light, strong and hand crafted using the best refractory materials available, Cupolino is the perfect wood fired oven for DIY lovers.

You can bake lots of delicious meals, from pizza to roasts to desserts. With the wood stove Cupolino you can cook 3 pizzas at a time , and 6 kg of bread. What’s more, its small size also means that it heats up very quickly, it is ready in only 45 minutes. It also comes with a steel arched door with double handle”.

Having a wood fired oven in a backyard or inside the kitchen, without doubt, embellish the ambient and creates conviviality. Installing an Alfa Ref residential wood fired pizza oven is easy and fun. You can enjoy cooking pizzas, breads, roasts and many other traditional dishes. Get inspired by our brick oven recipes. Choose the right model that best suits your needs. Be a pizza master using the original Alfa Ref wood-fired accessories.

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