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Flavor Seed Cocoa Butt'Er

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This simple and elegant blend just won first place for the 2019 Best Brisket Rub.  These USDA Organic Spices and Organic Decaffeinated Coffee is best suited for smoking a beef brisket but don't for one minute think it can't be as equally satisfying on a Boston Butt, or pork shoulder for those not in the know.  Each bottle should be used to rub down a small brisket or an average sized 7 lb. Boston Butt prior to smoking, however, if you you BBQ much you should consider buying the one pound poly bag for maximum cost savings.  This rub delivers serious flavor that melds with the char and smoke but explodes with a finely balanced salty, sweet, and slightly bitter profile that mellows perfectly with the fat once the brisket has rested or the BBQ is chopped and combined.  This blend will win you that neighborhood BBQ competition and fans for life.  If you aren't a smoker don't worry, my customers rave over this dry rub on a nice ribeye or well marbled NY Strip.  Maybe we should have named it Heavenly.
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