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M Grills M1 Mild Steel

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While most grill manufacturers look into making their products cheaper by moving manufacturing overseas, designing parts to fail, and using inferior materials; we are just the opposite. M Grills strives to build the best cookers at all costs, using the best fuels that are tried and true, designed for optimal performance, and one cooker that will do it all. The M1 is the ultimate fully adjustable charcoal grill, extremely efficient charcoal smoker, and a bonafide stick burner that should be the last cooker you ever own. The M1 is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and impeccable customer service. 

In 2019, we took the award winning M1 and made it even better.

Let's start with the all new firebox design. We beefed up the firebox completely with a 10 gauge self enclosed design wrapped in thick thermal insulation within the 10 gauge M1 shell. This new insulated design not only makes the M1 even more efficient, but it keeps the firebox heat off the shell of the body protecting the finish. 

The Fire Box Door has been completely redesigned out of thick 1/4" steel with 304 stainless steel hinges, damper handle, and a stainless steel lever. The new design is completely removable and no longer solid welded so you can remove the firebox door if ever needing a replacement or if you want to strip it down to repaint for a brand new look. The door also features a 1-3/8" hole directly below the firebox basket to place a temperature control fan such as a BBQ Guru or Flame Boss Automatic Temperature Control System. The entire door is bolted in with 1/4" 304 stainless steel fasteners. 

The new lid now features a low profile stack. The vent opening has been lowered and positioned right above the top grate. The amount of additional airflow has been substantially increased. Therefor, there is no need to add a grilling vent on the right side of the cooker. We have removed this vent making the M1 more versatile as a built in unit. No need to leave room on the right side of the grill. You now control the airflow for grilling right at the firebox door on the left and the damper system on the stack on the left. The stack is also completely removable. 

The all new lid handles have gone through a major facelift as well. The solid 304 stainless steel 10 gauge thick brackets and stainless steel handle are not only beautiful, they will last forever!

The Lid and Body now feature a flat gasket sealed flange. Once the lid is closed, this gasket seals off any leaks of air, smoke, or moisture. The new flange design keeps everything inside the cooker.

The extremely beefy solid stainless steel hinges should keep your M1 opening and closing with ease for a lifetime. 

Overall, everything on the M1 has been re-engineered to make it an even better cooker and replacement parts (if ever needed), are a piece of cake. We want you to keep your M1 for a lifetime. 

The M1 is THE BEST backyard all-in-one cooker.

Here's why:

Standard Charcoal Grills: Usually made of thin steel and feature a fixed charcoal grate. Most charcoal grills are held together with nuts and bolts and do not hold up over time. While we think charcoal is by far the best flavor in bbq grilling, most charcoal grills are now built to be replaced in a couple of years and mass produced overseas.

Offset Smokers: Inexpensive ones are usually a nightmare to smoke on. Thin steel and terrible craftsmanship. Air gaps in lids and firebox doors make them very difficult to control temperature. High end offset smokers usually fix these problems, but can be very large and overkill for the average smoking enthusiast. 

Ceramic Cookers: Lack capability of using only hardwood for smoking. This all wood method of "stick burning" is the holy grail of flavorful BBQ. Most ceramic cookers lack the capabilities of 2 zone grilling as well. No ceramic cooker has a fully adjustable charcoal grate. Ceramic cookers can also be difficult to control heat once you over shoot your target temperature. Limited on cooking capacity. 

Pellet Cookers: Need electricity to use. Pellets or debris can easily jam augers. Too many parts can go wrong over time from mechanical to electrical. Pellets lack the ability to match the flavor of charcoal grilling and all wood burning smoking. 

Gas Grills: Well, it's gas. 

The M1:

Dual zone grilling capabilities: yes 

Charcoal smoking: yes

All wood smoking: yes

Heavy duty construction: yes

Easy to control and maintain temperatures: yes

Built to last: yes

Perfect for novice to pro: yes

Mass Produced: no



  • 481 sq inch top grilling surface. Secondary smoke rack can be used for an additional 328 sq inches of additional smoking space. 
  • Two 13"x18.5" cooking grates. One 23.25"x14.125" bottom coal grate or secondary smoking grate. All grates are 1/4" thick solid 304 stainless steel. 
  • Constructed from thick 10 gauge steel.
  • External height adjustable coal grate for grilling and searing.
  • Integrated firebox for low and slow smoking with slide out charcoal basket and ash pan.
  • 1/4" thick firebox door with solid stainless steel handles.
  • Heavy duty Stainless Steel hinges. 
  • 16 gauge stainless counters.
  • Stainless steel handles and hardware.
  • Tel-Tru Thermometers - stainless steel and weatherproof.
  • Heavy duty metal swivel casters with hard rubber wheels. 
  • Industrial grade high temperature black satin paint rated at 1200 degrees F.
  • Nomex High Temperature Gaskets around the lid and firebox door.
  • Comes with a set of our 'Grate Tools' for easy grate removal. 


  • Overall Height: 48"
  • Overall Width: 47.5" with counters. 
  • Overall Length: 27" without front hand crank.
  • Grill Body Width: 32" including firebox door handle.
  • Fire Box Basket: 13" x 17"
  • Weight: 390lbs
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