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Turkey Tom The Briner Jr

Regular price $21.99

The Briner Jr: The Ultimate Brine Container!

The Briner Jr easily fits into the refrigerator without having to remove any shelves. Conveniently brine a whole chicken or pork shoulder and make restaurant quality food more often! Great for chicken pieces, pork chops, shrimp, chicken wings or a few fish fillets. It has an 8 quart capacity, measuring 10.5" high and 8.75" in diameter. Patent Pending design with an internal locking system to keep meat completely submerged. Includes the vessel, locking plate and a snap tight lid.

You will also recieve a recipe and instructions with standard brine quantities and soaking times for several meat types and sizes.

All components of The Briner are made of high quality food grade plastic in the USA, with final assembly and shipping completed at the Pennsylvania location. Briner's have shipped all over the United States and Canada since it's inception in the fall of 2011. If you brine one time, you will brine every time!

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